Mike Simpfenderfer for Assembly Member, District 58.
Father and Victim's Advocate

Predator’s Paradise

We all know what is happening does not work. Sacramento and Hollywood are a predator’s paradise for perverts and politicians. The criminals are in charge receiving red carpet treatment while we are afraid. Fundamental changes need to occur. As your Assembly member from the 58th district:

  1. Propositions 47, 57 and AB 109 are dysfunctional and need to be repealed/eliminated. Criminals need to have a clear understanding when they commit crimes they will do the time. Turning loose upon us those who prey upon us through unacceptable early release created a revolving door and turned our justice system into a joke. This is unacceptable.
  2. Rehabilitating behaviors takes time. Those who wish to apply for early release need to understand it is not just good behavior in prison in exchange for early release. It is about obtaining job training skills while in prison. It is about serving others while in prison. It is about having a clear understanding the failure to change the behaviors will guarantee a return to prison not a slap on the wrist.
  3. Human traffickers in California need to have a clear understanding we will implement the laws that will allow those who prosecute the ability to take all assets. We need lengthy claw back provisions so traffickers know they cannot hide their ill-gotten assets for years and escape accountability.
  4. Just as elder abuse laws have enhancements for lengthier prison time, criminals need to know and understand if you harm someone 62 or older the jail sentence will be extended a minimum of 50% more time. If you harm our grandparents, the jail time just got extended.
  5. Victims of sexual assault too often do not get the protections guaranteed by Marsy’s Law. Every possible sexual assault case at the beginning should require all involved (attorneys, Judges, social workers, all parties) sign an acknowledgment they are now aware of this law and the consequences of violating Marsy’s Law. This acknowledgment shall become part of the court’s file. Our victims won’t come forward if they do not trust the system.
  6. A CLETS restraining order needs to require law enforcement to do a search of the home(s) where the offender lives/possess and vehicles owned-utilized when the order is served for weapons and ammunition. NICS needs to be updated that day that the offender is prohibited from purchasing any weapon and-or ammunition.
  7. Bullying and sexual assault grows. Annually each school should be required to do a presentation of what are acceptable behaviors. The list of available speakers who experienced this is more and more extensive. The more we discuss what is acceptable and what is not and what the consequences are, the more we will help our children and young adults grow in a positive manner. Today’s presentation and discussion may prevent tomorrow’s rape or suicide or act of violence.

The criminals use fear upon the victims. It is time the criminals experience the fear of us taking charge.

Mike stood up for a 12 year old rape victim from Downey.

When the evil of sexual assault affected his family, Mike stood up.

Mike Cares About Us