Mike Simpfenderfer for Assembly Member, District 58.
Father and Victim's Advocate

We Are Better Off When All Have Access For A Better Tomorrow

We now are ranked 50th as the best place to live which is sad. The homeless population grows and grows while our young adults graduate high school face an expensive housing market and taxes that seem out of control. We will solve many challenges and frustrations when we have a market that prepares our young adults for meaningful jobs that will pay well. Jobs that pay well will allow us to help others so they get back on their feet. Jobs that pay well will allow us to better afford the expensive of living here.

We have dedicated, public servants on our school boards throughout our communities. We have smart, innovative teachers who want our kids and young adults to succeed. Parents and caregivers desperately want our young adults to have good, well-paying jobs with benefits. Not all young adults can or want to go to college. We need to offer a wide variety of options for our young adults while they are in high school. The solutions below show how we can take charge and give our young adults the specific direction needed and how them our job market is diverse.

  1. We need trade union members to become teachers now so we offer classes in high school that will prepare our young adults to be the best electrician, plumber, framer, roofer, etc. Our young adults need mentoring by experienced trades person as teachers who worked in the construction industry. We cannot build tomorrow’s homes and offices and manufacturing plants if we fail to train and prepare our trades people now so when they graduate high school, they are already on the path for a great job.
  2. We need representatives of the trucking, real estate, mortgage, escrow, insurance, health care industries to become teachers and mentors of our young adults while they are in high school. So many careers from these industries require one to be 18 years of age and-or have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Yet so many young adults graduate high school and have no idea their career is right there ready for them. The licensing requirements for many of these industries are not burdensome yet our young adults do not understand this.
  3. Our military needs more interaction with our young adults who want to graduate high school and serve. The career opportunities are more diverse and greater than any time in our history.
  4. Our local, county, state and federal governments need to hire more and more skilled people than ever before. Our young adults need an on going exposure to and about those jobs so they know these options exist that have a wide range of requirements.

The more we do locally so our young adults are on a career path, the better off they will be when they graduate high school.