Mike Simpfenderfer for Assembly Member, District 58.
Father and Victim's Advocate

Americans in Crisis

mike cares housing for sale signWhile the politicians in Sacramento do nothing, we need real solutions for our housing crisis. The quantity of homes available have been and will remain in short supply. The demand from buyers wanting a home has been and will remain intense. The quantity of vacant commercial properties grows and then sit empty. Retail is in the midst of fundamental change. Our local city councils have talented, dedicated public servants. Our local builders and real estate brokers know the local market. Our local mortgage bankers and brokers have the availability of programs designed to help buyers purchase a home. As your Assembly member from the 58th district, we should look at these ideas so we help solve our local housing needs.

  1. In exchange for a city rezoning a commercial property to mixed use or single family use while the purchase of the property is in escrow….
  2. The builder commits that the homes will sell for approximately 10% below the median price for better affordability.
  3. The builder commits a quantity of the homes will be set aside for lower income buyers. Organizations such as Habitat For Humanity will help select who those eligible buyers for those homes.
  4. The builder commits the homes for the first 60 days on the market will be available for owner occupant buyers so those buyers have a chance to compete.
  5. The builder commits that buyers will be encouraged to utilize available applicable down payment assistance programs.
  6. The homes will have a certain HERS rating so the home owner enjoys lower utility bills.
  7. The city should look at a significant reduction of fees for the lower income homes set aside. The city should look at a slight reduction of fees since the builder will build homes that are sold below the median price for that zip code.
  8. The city may want to require buyers enter into an equity split agreement if the property is resold within a five-year period. The goal is neighborhood stabilization which serves all of us.

This is about real solutions we control and the ability to implement. It is about all of us working together.

mike cares housing sold sign


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