Mike Simpfenderfer for Assembly Member, District 58.
Father and Victim's Advocate

I am a father and a victim's advocate as indicated on the ballot. The events of life occur that often put us in a role not planned. No one plans on protecting a 13 year old child from a sexual predator. No one plans on learning your younger sister was drugged and raped by two so called high school classmates. No one plans on becoming an advocate for those harmed until it is experienced itself. We have a choice of get up; dust ourselves off; and fight on or allow the evil acts of others their victory. I chose to fight on!

mike simpfenderfer stand upStanding up for those harmed is my passion

My wife, Ada, is from Lima Peru. We met in 2008 and got married the end of July 2009. We then learned less than 60 days later about what happened to my child. I married Ada for many reasons. I will always admire my wife more than she may realize as she stood by me during those many tough months of a life changing event. She is often gone most of Sunday because she teaches and leads others at her church. At times our dining table has her church projects getting created. I also own a professional Santa Claus outfit and have fun appearing at her church for Santa events. 

mike simpfenderfer local leadersStrong group of local leaders in Cerritos

During my darkest days of 2009 and 2010, the Rev. Robert Schuller and Pastor Joel Osteen kept me focused more than they will ever realize. I know the Rev. Bobby Schuller carries his grandfather's passion today. Deacon Morris Philips took time out of his busy schedule and took me to a weekly lunch for many, many months. His blunt conversations resonate with me to this day. For those challenged consider Psalms 23, 1 through 6. 

I am a NMLS licensed mortgage banker by the California Department of Business Oversight. I have been focused providing mortgages for first time buyers and veterans in addition to helping those get ahead with their home purchase and/or refinance. This has been my job since June 2003 after more than a dozen years in retail management that took me from Florida to Chicago to Calexico/Mexicali to here in Southern California to Southeast Asia to Australia and New Zealand. Retail management included working for Sam's Club, Office Depot, Circuit City and Gateway Computers. I hold multiple mortgage related licenses and I cherish the joy first time buyers experience when they get their keys in their hands for their home. Ada obtained many accomplishments including holding an active real estate license. We partner up when it makes sense.

mike simpfenderfer Supporting local crime survivors Long Beach Fire DeptSupporting local crime survivors with the Long Beach Fire Dept

We moved to Bellflower in May 2010 under stress when we learned the sexual predator was still bothering my child during therapy sessions. I will always be indebted to For The Child in Long Beach and the California Victim Compensation Board. They are His angels on earth helping so many. The therapist recommended we move for safety. We moved from Lakewood to Bellflower which gave us better peace of mind and the distance/safety needed. Since, we enjoyed living and working in Bellflower. I have 4 children and a grand daughter who excels in gymnastics. 

mike simpfenderfer blended familyOur blended family on our wedding day July 25, 2009

Through the many years, all of our pets were rescues. Organizations like Priceless Pets in Chino Hills and Claremont are very special. I will always admire the founders as they created the no kill orphanage out of the sadness of abandoned dogs during the foreclosure crisis. Now, this non profit will find forever homes for so many of our four legged friends. And, yes "Santa Mike" does appearances for photos with many of the beloved pets adopted over the years. 

I have been on the board of directors of Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment which is a national non profit dedicated towards helping those harmed and provides so much prevention/education information. Stepping Stones in Medford WI provides a temporary and transitional shelter for domestic violence victims. They have an active teenage organization that discusses tough topics more teenagers need to discuss. It is an honor to serve on their board of directors.

mike teaching real estateMike teaching a real estate class

As a high school incoming senior in Searcy Arkansas I attended the American Legion Boys State program and got elected Governor. I carry those learning's with me to this day. I was fortunate and was selected to head up the college campus program for Reagan-Bush in 1980 for Arkansas. I served roles with the AR GOP and the College Republican National Committee. Former Congressman Ed Bethune of Arkansas mentored me in so many ways he may never fully understand the impact he had upon me. Former Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt selflessly provided so much insight and advice over the years. I am forever grateful. I attended the Inaugurations from the 1984 and 1988 presidential elections. During the 1980's I also worked for former Congressman Jack Kemp and President Reagan's grass roots group Citizens For America. After President Reagan left office, I left politics until 2016. I was selected as a Trump delegate to the 2016 RNC convention in Cleveland. Ada and I attended the Inauguration in Washington DC January 2017. I serve on the board of directors of Make California Great Again, Inc.; Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment a national non profit supporting victims of sexual assault-rape; and Stepping Stones a domestic violence shelter in Medford WI.