Mike Simpfenderfer for Assembly Member, District 58.
Father and Victim's Advocate

Let's Change the 58th Assembly District Together

Ada Simpfenderfer, wife of Mike Simpfenderfer, supports the campaign.

Mike Simpfenderfer endorsed by Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Mike Simpfenderfer Cares

Do You?

Is it time for a change with who represents the 58th Assembly District? We deserve better.

The politicians embarrass us non stop. Sexual assault runs rampant in Sacramento. Millionaire Cristina Garcia has been taking Larry Flynt's money since 2013. Criminal investigations investigate those we are supposed to trust. Politicians lining their pockets seems to be normal. As the days go by it appears Sacramento is a predator's paradise and a pervert's playground for the politicians. As someone who lives and works in Bellflower, we need leadership we can look up to and trust. We face serious problems and need serious people willing to get to work for us. I am asking for your trust and your support November 6th. I care about us!